About us

ERATO HOLIDAYS is a group of 6 hotels that are coordinated by the Rakic family.

ERATO HOLIDAYS hotel group consists of: hotel ERATO, hotel PARALIA INN, hotel PLAZA, hotel ERATO STARS, villa FRIDERIKI and the hotel SELENA MARE. All of ERATO HOLIDAYS hotels are located in Paralia, Pierias, Greece with a total capacity of over 200 rooms/suites and 3 restaurants.

With more than 30 years of experience in tourism and a tradition of 20 years in the hospitality business, we guarantee that your stay with us would be a pleasant one.

Our first steps in the tourism and hospitality business date back to 1988 in Athens. In 1991 we expanded our business to the north of Greece where we opened our first hotel called ERATO in 1999. Hard work and dedication to every single guest has led ERATO HOLIDAYS to become one of the biggest hotel groups in Paralia, Pierias today.

Our work

Our work is based on receptive tourism. Our clients vary from the individuals and families to large groups of travelers. This has provided ERATO HOLIDAYS group with experience in taking care of different types of guests. Some of which have included: sports teams, high-school class groups and business groups among many others.

Apart from the hospitality, we also organise numerous events, field trips and excursions accompanied by teams of professional and experienced tour guides.

Our values

We strive to continuously upgrade the quality of our rooms/suits so that our guests have a more pleasant and a comfortable stay every time they choose the ERATO HOLIDAYS group. Apart from our high-quality accommodation, our restaurant staff works a hard and dedicated job in order to provide our guests with amazing dishes from the Mediterranean and Balkan cuisine.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the best possible service and a pleasurable experience.