Organised Tours

We offer a wide variety of organised tours for a vacation full of unforgettable memories

We offer organised tours of some of the oldest historical sites of ancient Greece, boat rides and trips to big urban centers. Apart from tours, we also organise numerous events such as traditional Greek nights that will not only help you experience Greek culture, but become a part of it as well.

It’s up to you to decide on your favorite pastime activity and we will make it happen.


Thessaloniki is the largest urban center of northern Greece. Apart from being the capital city of the Macedonian region, this city has a long and rich history and it’s the second most important city in Greece, right after Athens.

Thessaloniki is widely known as one of the first big citadels of Christanity and one of the centers of Byzantine power apart from Constantinople (modern day Istanbul, Turkey). It’s broad boulevards, churches, and towers and the mix of different Greek, Turkish and Byzantine influences did not only leave a unique stamp on the city’s architecture and culture, but the city’s food scene as well.

The city center of Thessaloniki is a temple of eclecticism style of architecture and with the main Aristotelous Square touching the waters of the Aegean sea, it’s safe to say that Thessaloniki is one of the prettiest cities in all Europe.

During the guided field trip to Thessaloniki, we will visit the old part of town called Ladadika, the famous Aristotelous square, the White Tower of Thessaloniki which is the symbol of the city, the monument of Alexander the Great, the church of St. Demetrius protector of the city among many other historical sites and monuments.

After the tour of the city, we will pay a visit to the Serbian army cemetery called Zejtinlik where we shall pay our tributes to the soldiers that fought for freedom during World War I.

Historically, Thessaloniki has been a strong trade center mainly because of its position. To this day Thessaloniki remains filled with numerous shopping centers and finest Meditarranean wares. So when visiting Thessaloniki, make sure you purchase something that will always remind you of this amazing city.


The flatlands of Thessalia, close to the mountains of Pindos, are the home of the magnificent cliffs and rock formations of Meteora on top of which lie numerous Orthodox Monasteries, the second most important site for Greek Orthodox Christians, after the Holy Mountain of Atos.

First monasteries in this region were established in the 11th century, however most of them were built afterwards, between the period of 1500s and 1700s. Their location on top of enormous rocks makes them hard to reach to this day, but also provides untapped peace and amazing views to the inhabitants of the monasteries and their visitors.

The Meteora guided tour offers panoramic views and sightseeing of monasteries of St. Nicholas, St. Roussanou,, Holy Trinity and the Great Meteoron among many others.

The churches of the monasteries in Meteora are painted with the amazing murals of the Orthodox Saints. Many people claim that these murals apart from being a historical sight are also miraculous. In the vaults of these monasteries numerous historical and religious items and books from the Byzantine times are preserved thus making the monasteries at Meteora a living piece of history. Meteora is classified in the list of UNESCO’s world cultural heritage sites.

At the base of the cliff of Meteora lies a charming town of Kalambaka whose residents are famous for their craftsmanship of Orthodox Iconography.

Located nearby is the famous Tempi Valley where we shall pay a visit to the church of St. Parascheva with the spring of holy water, the very same spring where, according to ancient Greek mythology, Apollo fell in love with the nymph Daphne.

Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus is a mountain located in the Pieria region of Greece, near the charming coastal town of Paralia. Since ancient times, Greeks have believed that Mount Olympus was the home of the gods, since the very top of this mountain is always covered in clouds.

The “home of the gods” as Greek like to call it to this day is located close to the Olympic Riviera and it’s one of the many Greek national parks.

Underneath the Mount Olympus lies the village of Litochoro which is considered a healing retreat because of the high air quality. After a short walk through Litochoro we will continue to the hike path E9 through the canyon of the Enipeas river and it’s meanders that form beautiful crystal clear pools, until we reach the baths of Zeus.

Next stop is the Monastery of St. Dionysios in Olympus and the hike to the mountain home Stavros at around 960 meters where we shall stop to rest up and enjoy the view of the entire Olympic Riviera, Aegean Sea, Chalkidiki peninsula and the Holy Mountain of Atos from the observatory.

On our way back, we shall pay a visit to one of the prettiest villages in all of Greece called the Palaios Panteleimonas where we will stop for lunch and drinks in one of the many traditional restaurants and tavernas overlooking the Aegean Sea and the Castle of Platamonas.


The ancient city of Athens has been the cradle of ancient Greek civilization for centuries and the birthplace of philosophy, architecture and ancient art. Athens today is a modern metropolis and the capital of Greece, however the contemporary buildings are located on the outskirts of the city in order to not endanger the historic architecture of the city.

Panoramic views of the city in the company of a tourist guide consists out of visiting the Piraeus harbor, Greek Parliament at the Syntagma Square, the Monument of the Unknown Soldier, Athens’ Academy of Science, the National University, Omonia Square and the Olympic stadium Kallimarmaro.

Athens is a home to numerous buildings and temples from the ancient times such as the Temple of Zeus the Olympian, Temple Erechtheion, and the Temple of Poseidon in Sounion. However the biggest landmark of Athens is definitely the Acropolis, the temple on the top of the hill overlooking the city dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena, after which the city got its name.

After sightseeing, you can use the spare time to wander the ancient streets and experience the vibe of the city through the vivid neighbourhood of Plaka underneath the Acropolis.


Skiathos is an island in the Aegean Sea that belongs to the island group called the Sporades. It’s located approximately two and a half hours by a fairy boat from the port of Volos. Skiathos is a popular tourist island because of its beautiful beaches and dense pine woodlands.

This charming island is filled with rich history and beautiful nature. It’s biggest town is also called Skiathos and it’s narrow streets are filled with local restaurants, gift shops and tavernas amidst the pedestrian zone that offers a breathtaking view of the Burzi peninsula and the remains of the castle from the middle ages.

The Burzi peninsula is splitting the Skiathos harbour into two parts, the old part and the new one. The Skiathos harbour is the home of many luxurious boats and yachts that sail into it on a daily basis.

During the field trip to Skiathos, we will pay a visit to many numerous sites that this island has to offer like the house of the famous greek poet Papadiamantis, the church of St. Nicholas the protector of sailors and the boat ride next to the historical peninsula of Pilion and the islands of Tsougria.

With the sounds of Sirtaki, tasty traditional Greek food and the wonderful beach Kukunaria in Skiathos, this field trip is surely one of the best Greek experiences, especially if you’re visiting Greece for the first time.

Greek nights

Greek music is inspired by the Greek sun and the sea. It’s complex and fast rhythms and melodies can awake a plethora of emotions in both the locals and visitors as well. Greek nights are held in traditional greek restaurants called “tavernas” where guests enjoy traditional meals, finest local wines, and the amazing sound of traditional greek songs called “Sirtaki”.

Greek nights are the best way to experience the traditional hospitality of Greeks and enjoy the authentic atmosphere with the best food, drinks and music Greece has to offer.

Boat Rides on the Aegean Sea

Boat ride field trips across the coast of Olympic Riviera are available daily from the port of Paralia next to the Olympic Beach. The local boats called “Nomade 1” and “Eutychia” will take you out on the open sea and show you some of the hidden beaches of the Aegean.

We will stop by one of the most charming restaurants for a traditional Greek lunch, after which the boat crew will throw a mini party on the boats itself, where we shall dance and have fun in the sun like the real locals.


Waterland is the biggest water park in northern Greece that offers numerous fun activities to all of its visitors. It’s located on the outskirts of Thessaloniki, and it has a wide variety of different pools and tall water slides. Waterland provides fun for the entire family. It offers activities such as lazy river, and the wave pool for adults or people that simply do not prefer to experience the adrenaline rush that tall water slides provide.

A field-trip to Waterland is an excellent choice if you prefer water based activities. We recommend it to large groups of families with young children.

The Holy Mountain of Atos

The Holy Mountain of Atos is the epicenter of Orthodox Christianity. With over a 1000 years old tradition, the Holy Mountain of Atos is not only the single most important community of orthodox monks, but the only republic in the world that consists solely out of christian temples.

Atos is located on the easternmost peninsula of Chalkidiki (the other two being named Cassandra and Sithonia) and it’s surrounded by the Aegean sea. Mountain terrain is the most present throughout the peninsula, with the highest point lying at 2033 meters above the sea level. One of the most culturally and historically important monasteries on the Holy Mountain of Atos is a serbian monastery called “Hilandar” that was brought up by St. Sava and St. Simeon.

Tours of the Holy Mountain are not available at the moment. However, we organise boat tours that allow our guests to have a panoramic view of the monasteries located on the western coast of Atos. Some of the most beautiful monasteries located here are St. Panteleimon, Xeropotamou, St. Gregoriu, Simonopetra and Xenophontos

Our cruise next to the Holy Mountain, is accompanied by a professional tour guide that will provide you with interesting historical facts about the monasteries that we shall be observing. Join us on this amazing cruise and be amazed by the grandiosity of these medieval monasteries and the untamed nature that surrounds them. On our way back from the cruise, our rest point is in the city of Ouranoupoli, where our guests have free time to roam around the city, before heading back to Paralia.